Fractional Integrator/COO

We find that we hear the same story often, like many small business owners who have been in business for 5+ years, you may find that you just aren’t getting to the next level in your business. It’s called hitting the ceiling.  Often it’s because your founding leadership team has never run a business this size before. Hitting the ceiling can be an exciting for you as a leader. Yes, exciting!


When we start to notice that the way we are doing things isn’t working anymore, it’s a new challenge. A challenge to go to a new level, seeking out new and better ways. It can also be frustrating and time-consuming however, we can embrace these challenges as a time to grow your leadership and your company.  But the question is how?
Consider hiring Marni, a Fractional COO/Integrator.  As a Fractional COO/Integrator, Marni will join your leadership teams on a part-time or fractional basis so you get the benefit of my experience, guidance, and direction to drive results for you without the risk, cost, or ramp-up of a full-time hire. We find that most clients want to find a business system with demonstrated success to create accountability, consistency, and tangible results. However, most businesses lack the internal resources to drive the initiative.


A Fractional Leader is someone who’s “been there and done that” at a business your size or larger, and Marni has.  She knows what to do and how to inspire YOU and YOUR team to get your business where you envision it to be.  Marni is a fractional outsourced C-level leader with experience building a company from within the leadership team. Marni has experience as a CMO, Director of Sales, COO, Finance Leader and also has a top-notch small business technology and vendor resource network.

What Fractional Integrators Do Best:

• Glue for the Organization
• Tie-Breaker for the Leadership Team
• Provide Structure and Predictability
• Drives Excellence for P&L Results
• Drives Execution for the Details Within the Business Plan

A Great Fractional Integrator:

• Operates on Sound Logic
• Drives Execution
• Forces Resolution
• Focuses and Unites the Team to Execute Their Mission

Why Do I Need a Fractional Integrator?

A great integrator will allow the visionary to sit in his or her perfect seat and harmoniously integrate the Leadership Team. An integrator helps to remove obstacles and barriers needed to accomplish the vision agreed upon by the Leadership Team.

If you are having trouble reaching goals and streamlining processes, you may be missing a fractional Integrator on your team.

Get and stay on the same page with the CEO/visionary using the “Same Page Meeting” discipline to build trust and facilitate proper execution throughout the organization.

Create accountability in your organization by leading your leadership team’s weekly “On the Business Meetings”

Help department directors roll out metrics and “On The Business Meetings” in his or her division.

Support and work with the members of the leadership team so everyone can complete the goals that get you to the next level – not just maintain the day-to-day.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident you will see incredible value in your business that after two weeks of Fractional Integrator services, you do not feel that our services are right for you, we’ll refund your first payment.

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