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Fractional Integrator / COO

Providing Fractional Chief Operating Officers For Dental Offices Who Are Ready to Grow
We find that we hear the same story often, like many small practice owners who have been in practice for 5+ years, you may find that you just aren’t getting to the next level in your practice. It’s called hitting the ceiling.  Often it’s because your founding leadership team has never run a practice this size before. Hitting the ceiling can be exciting for you as a leader. Yes, exciting!
When we start to notice that the way we are doing things isn’t working anymore, it’s a new challenge. A challenge to go to a new level, seeking out new and better ways. It can also be frustrating and time-consuming however, we can embrace these challenges as a time to grow your leadership and your practice.  But the question is how?
Consider hiring the Full Pocket Fractional Executive Team.  When you are ready to get the benefits of having c-level executives who have incredible experience building dental practices to 7+ figures, consider us! We will join your leadership team on a part-time or fractional basis so you get the benefit of all our experience, guidance, and direction to drive results for you without the risk, cost, or ramp-up of a full-time hire.
We find that most clients want to find a business system with demonstrated success to create accountability, consistency, and tangible results. However, most businesses lack the internal resources to drive the initiative.
A Fractional Leader is someone who’s “been there and done that” at a practice your size or larger, and our team has.  We know what to do and how to inspire YOU and YOUR team to get your practice where you envision it to be. Each member of our team is a fractional outsourced C-level leader with experience building medical practices, retail, and consumer goods businesses from within the leadership team.  Marni Blythe is at the helm and she has experience in Dental as a COO and CMO she also has a top-notch small business technology and vendor resource network.

What Fractional Integrators Do Best:

• Act as Glue for the Practice
• Tie-Breaker for the Leadership Team
• Provide Structure and Predictability
• Drives Excellence for P&L Results
• Drives Execution for the Details Within the Business Plan

A Great Fractional Integrator:

• Operates on Sound Logic
• Drives Execution
• Encourages Resolution
• Focuses and Unites the Team to Execute Their Mission

Why Do I Need a Fractional Integrator?

A great integrator will allow the visionary dentist to sit in his or her perfect seat and harmoniously integrate the Leadership Team. An integrator helps to remove obstacles and barriers needed to accomplish the vision agreed upon by the Leadership Team.

If you are having trouble reaching goals and streamlining processes, you may be missing a fractional Integrator on your team.

Get and stay on the same page with the CEO/visionary using the “Same Page Meeting” discipline to build trust and facilitate proper execution throughout the organization.

Create accountability in your organization by leading your leadership team’s weekly “On the Business Meetings”

Help department directors roll out metrics and “On The Business Meetings” in his or her division.

Support and work with the members of the leadership team so everyone can complete the goals that get you to the next level – not just maintain the day-to-day.

Our Guarantee

We are so confident you will see incredible value in your business that after two weeks of Fractional Integrator services, you do not feel that our services are right for you, we’ll refund your first payment.

Objective and Experienced Partners

As the world of business moves faster and gets more competitive, it is difficult to keep up with both the changes in your industry as well as the innovations in sales, marketing, and management strategies.

Having a Business Consultant and Fractional COO/Integrator isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity your mature practice must have.

As Fractional COO-Integrators, it is our main focus to establish proven systems, create accountability, and make adjustments as needed.

Below is an overview of the main categories we reference during our sessions together.

  • Focus & Vision Building
  • Core Values
  • Mission
  • Niche
  • Annual Revenue Plan
  • Annual and Quarterly Priorities
  • Accountability Chart
  • Tracking Scorecard
  • Unique Selling Proposition
  • Mindset and EQ Coaching


  • Act as “Glue” for your organization
  • Tie-breaker for the leadership team
  • Provide structure and predictability
  • Drive excellence for P&L results
  • Drive execution for the details within the business plan
  • Operate on sound logic (the numbers tell the story rather than making emotional decisions.)
  • Focusing and uniting the team to execute their mission
  • Encourage team synergy and resolution


  • Gaining massive traction almost immediately once your business is in line with your Values, Mission and Niche.
  • Your priorities will become extremely clear. No more wasted time and stress for short or long-term planning.
  • Making decisions based on facts as well as intuition and experience. Tracking in all categories is what creates magic in your growing business!
  • Turn-key your business systems for more time freedom!
  • As the Visionary of your company, you can dream again. You decide, and we help you work to make it happen.

Accountability and Measurable Results are just a few of the greatest advantages of working with our team. It’s difficult to get an objective answer from yourself about your business, we will always tell you the truth, always with as much gentility as we can!

With years of successful experience, as your team, we can provide valuable insight that will help you achieve real traction quickly! Working with our team most clients see the light after our first 2 hours together. It’s magical!  

Helping visionary business owners get out of their own way and efficiently execute on their grandest dreams!

Here’s just some of what you get with the Full Pocket Team…

  • Turn-key systems
  • Process documentation
  • Accountability charting
  • Profit strategies
  • Leadership team relationship management
  • Emotional intelligence and growth mindset training
  • Structured weekly meeting facilitation
  • Establishing weekly and monthly metrics tracking
  • Establishing key priorities
  • Solving issues once and for all
  • Help you better leverage your existing resources
  • Develop a personal plan for your business to achieve greater profitability and growth

But wait, there’s more!

  • Help you work smarter, not harder
  • Guide your team to great productivity and efficiency
  • Recommend results-driven strategies
  • Cultivate a fun and loyal work culture for your team
  • Help you discover the “hidden money” in your business
  • Establish an achievable plan for meeting your short and long term goals 
  • Develop powerful online and offline strategies to implement into your business strategy

Full Pocket Fractional Integration Proven Process

  • Reset the foundation (core values, mission, USP, etc.) 
  • Lead meetings to ensure that the leadership team is all on the same page 
  • Clarity of roles and responsibilities 
  • Establish tracking for metrics, priorities, core processes
  • Where you’ve been, where you are now and where you are going
  • Discover organizational efficacy and efficiency issues and drive resolution 
  • Lead weekly structured meetings with leadership team 
  • Drive priorities execution with accountability and consistency 
  • Provide objective orchestration 
  • Emotional intelligence + staff retention and appreciation strategies 
  • Drive increased profitability
  • Roll out the Full Pocket Method to departments kick off quarterly meeting to share the system
  • Train Office Manager to take over leading meetings at end of month 
  • Continue to drive ongoing execution with accountability
  • Continue to guide LT meetings helping remove obstacles, mentoring, providing resources 
  • Drive quarterly meetings to keep all departments informed and engaged 
  • Continue to drive ongoing execution with accountability 
  • Measure success through KPIs and metrics 
  • Support visionary owners to ensure traction happens in the practice
  • Discover organizational effectiveness issues and drive resolution 
  • Evaluate relationship to provide ongoing services
  • Continue in role for 1 more year or
  • Facilitate the selection of internal candidate to Fractional Integrator
  • Train, mentor and transition

What our clients have to say about us:

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