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Providing Fractional C-Level Services to the Dental Industry

The winning operations, marketing, and EQ system strategies for your  Dental Practice or DSO. Our seasoned business consultant team helps create a culture that retains teams and fosters happy healthy employees. We eliminate trial-and-error when using our proven system to create effective and repeatable processes equaling emotionally intelligent teams that are on track for sustainable growth and efficiency. Our talent pool of vetted interim and Fractional Integrators, Chief Operating Officers, and Chief Marketing Officer management consultant leaders specialize in helping visionary dentists to get traction in the operations of your practice so you can focus on great patient care.

If your practice is ready to foster a culture of emotionally intelligent staff to face challenges and continues to sustain growth, consider hiring our team. We can train your practice manager to execute our system or you can hire us as Fractional Integrator/COO/CMO executives to join your leadership team and stand beside you to help you lead your team to execute your vision for your practice. Our team has just the right experience to do this.

Our team has a unique understanding of what it takes to help you achieve your practice vision.

Full Pocket, Inc CEO, Marni Blythe brings experience as both a corporate sales & marketing executive in Manhattan, a Serial Entrepreneur, Business Management Consultant, a Fractional Integrator/COO/CMO, Mindset and Mental Health Advocate, and Speaker/Trainer has helped refine Marni’s process and approach to business growth and management. Delivering tangible measurable results keeps her in high demand.

Our team of Fractional Integrator/COOs brings a wealth of additional experience to our team also having additional specialty skills in profitability, branding, and marketing.

After countless hours working with entrepreneurs and their leadership teams, we understand the challenges you face, the long hours you work, the fires you constantly are putting out, and the 4603930 hats you wear. If you are like most small business owners, you are possibly feeling frustrated, stuck, and just plain overwhelmed.  Marni and our team have a proven history of delivering permanent and positive results.

Introducing The Full Pocket Method™ Fractional Integration/COO Service: a complete and simple process that Marni has developed after working with hundreds of clients and helping those clients create massive gains financially, emotionally, and spiritually in their business.

The Process Focuses on:
• Mindset
• Tools
• Execution
• Evaluation
• Traction

Marni and her team are c-suite level executives and business management consultants who specialize in working with small business owners. We will help you gain peace, clarity, and traction in your business.

Marni and the team combine time-tested systems with the accountability and guidance of a 1:1 executives to support not only the growth of your business but also the growth of it’s leader—you.

What our clients have to say about us:

Our Core Values:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Grow or Die
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Vulnerability

Our Mission:

Help Entrepreneurs Live a Better Life and Provide Relief.

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners create businesses that thrive.

We combine time-tested systems with the accountability and guidance of our c-level fractional integrators to support the growth of your business and the growth of its leader—you.

Let’s work together to create frustration-free, simple systems,

and processes to achieve the financial growth and time freedom you desire for your practice.

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners create businesses that thrive. Will you be next?

You don’t have to do this alone.

No one can do it alone, and you shouldn’t have to. The fastest way to achieve traction on the vision you have for your business is to implement a proven system with an objective partner who can help guide you and your practice team with built-in accountability and trackable results.

We’ve helped hundreds of business owners, let us help you too.

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