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Bringing Leadership, EQ and Communication Skills and Training to the Forefront of Dental Care

Marni Blythe employs innovative and unconventional techniques to aid professionals in overcoming obstacles and attaining remarkable outcomes.

Her workshops and keynotes are designed to enhance genuine and effective communication skills among professionals.

You can select from her range of presentations or get in touch with her team for tailored options suited to your group’s needs. Enable your participants to discover how to lead teams with confidence and integrity and engage in self-reflection and receive feedback, leading to personal growth that creates a direct positive impact on patient care and culture.

Select From the Following Lectures & Workshops


Developing Transformative Vision and Strategic Alignment

In her dynamic workshop, Marni passionately introduces a novel strategy for cultivating successful teams. She guides you in developing a transformative vision and strategic plan, fostering a new foundation & and alignment within your team for its realization. Discover how to effectively lead, manage, and ensure accountability without micromanaging through Marni's unique fractional integration system. This approach will enhance your team's communication skills, and positively impact your team's culture, office flow, personal efficiency, and overall productivity.


Mastering Conflict Resolution and Crucial Conversations

This presentation and workshop is designed to empower dentists, practice managers, and team members to effectively engage in and excel at critical conversations. It introduces a straightforward 5-step process, complete with role-playing exercises based on real-life scenarios, to help attendees become adept at navigating challenging dialogues. The session will also address the various forms of fear that hinder genuine communication. To conclude, we will set realistic expectations for future conversations, ensuring participants are thoroughly prepared.


Learn a 5-Step Process to a Growth Mindset

Learn a simplified 5-step process for immediate practice improvement focusing on cultivating a growth mindset. This masterclass is designed to empower dental professionals with key skills including harnessing the power of the present, engaging in metacognition, and developing mindful awareness. Participants will explore the balance between vulnerability and setting healthy boundaries, alongside developing emotional regulation skills. The course includes a self-evaluation to determine your current mindset, whether growth or fixed and offers strategies to shift towards a more adaptive and resilient approach.


Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Mindfulness Masterclass

Join our masterclass to discover mindfulness and its benefits for mental health in work and life. The program is designed to help you develop present-moment awareness, cultivate self-compassion, and improve communication skills – all of which can contribute to a more harmonious and efficient workplace. We will empower you with tools to better manage stress, improve patient care, and foster a positive work environment.
Expect guided meditations, group discussions, and practical exercises, with resources for ongoing support in integrating mindfulness into your daily routine.

Conflict Resolution
and Crucial Conversations

Conquering the Crucial Dialogues You’ve Been Dodging

Looking for rapid improvements in communication?

Wish your team members could independently resolve issues?

Have a culture you want to make even better than it already is?

Want to learn the #1 way to retain your staff for the long term?

Find Your Voice and Learn to Use It

Join us for an immersive and interactive lecture and workshop for dental professionals. This session focuses on two key areas essential for the success and growth of your practice: developing a growth mindset and effectively handling crucial courageous conversations.

Developing a Growth Mindset

Introduction to Growth Mindset:

Understand the concept and its importance in the evolving field of dentistry.

5-Step Process for Growth:

Learn a systematic approach to cultivating a growth mindset, including how to be more present, and develop metacognition or mindful awareness as well as develop more emotional intelligence.

Interactive Activity:

Engage in exercises that illustrate the concepts we are lecturing on.

Handling Crucial Conversations

Understanding Crucial Conversations:

Explore the significance of courageous dialogues in managing a team and dealing with patients.

5-Step Process for Conversations:

Discover a structured approach to prepare for, engage in, and follow up on challenging conversations, focusing on clarity, empathy, and assertiveness.

Hands-On Learning:

Participate in role-playing exercises that simulate common difficult conversations in dental, followed by a feedback and discussion session to refine techniques and approaches.

Key Takeaways:

  • Practical tools and strategies to develop and maintain a growth mindset. (5 step process)
  • Enhanced skills for initiating and navigating crucial conversations in your practice. (5 step process)
  • Improved team dynamics, patient satisfaction, and personal leadership capabilities.

This lecture is not just about theory; it’s about applying these principles in your everyday practice. You will leave with actionable steps and the confidence to implement these transformative approaches in your dental practice.

 Transformative Vision
and Strategic Alignment

Clear is kind. Unclear is unkind. Helping all teams to row in the same direction.

Do you have a successful dental practice and want to grow your practice to the next level?

Have a good culture and ready to make it even better?

Tired of micromanaging and solving everything for everyone all the time?

Transformative Vision and Strategic Alignment

Join us for a dynamic and interactive workshop designed specifically for dental professionals. Led by Marni, this session will delve into innovative team-building and leadership strategies. You’ll engage in activities and discussions focusing on developing a transformative vision, strategic planning, and fostering team alignment. Learn Marni’s unique approach to leadership without micromanaging, enhance communication skills, and discover methods to create a positive team culture and efficient office flow. This workshop is an opportunity to gain valuable insights and tools for immediate implementation in your practice, all aimed at fostering personal and professional growth. Join us to transform your team dynamics and elevate your dental practice!

Key Components:

Vision and Strategic Planning:

Interactive session on crafting a transformative vision and strategic plan for dental practices.

Build a Foundation for Team Alignment:

Exercises focusing on the importance of team alignment in achieving the practice’s vision.

Leadership Without Micromanaging

Marni presents her unique fractional integration system for leadership.

Group discussions on balancing leadership, management, and accountability.

Enhancing Team Communication

Practical techniques to improve team communication within a dental practice.

Interactive communication exercises tailored to common dental office scenarios.

Key Takeaways:

  • These takeaways from Marni’s sessions provide a comprehensive toolkit for dental professionals to enhance their leadership skills, improve communication within their teams, and strategically plan for the future of their practices.
  • This holistic approach not only aims to improve the operational aspects of a dental practice but also contributes to building a positive and collaborative workplace culture.

This lecture is not just about theory; it’s about applying these principles in your everyday practice. You will leave with actionable steps and the confidence to implement these transformative approaches in your dental practice.

5-Step Process to a Growth Mindset

Paving the way for understanding, collaboration and supportive relationships

Would your team benefit from more effective coping strategies?

Is it a challenge for your team to embrace trying new things?

Would it be beneficial for your team to have a new toolbox for building resilience?

Cultivate a Growth Mindset for Ultimate Practice Success

Join us for an enlightening workshop that delves into the transformative concept of a growth mindset, pioneered by psychologist Carol Dweck. This interactive session is designed to guide your team through the myriad benefits of adopting a growth-oriented approach in both your personal and professional life.

Key Components:

Enhanced Learning and Intelligence:

Discover how a growth mindset can fuel your belief in the continuous development of intelligence and abilities. We’ll explore strategies for fostering a lifelong passion for learning and personal growth.

Building Resilience:

Learn how to cultivate resilience, viewing challenges and setbacks as valuable learning opportunities rather than obstacles. This segment will empower you to embrace failures as stepping stones to growth.

Boosting Motivation and Achievement:

Set and pursue ambitious goals with newfound motivation. We’ll focus on practical ways to maintain persistence and achieve greater success.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation:

Engage in activities that encourage risk-taking and experimentation, essential components for sparking creativity and driving innovation.

Developing Effective Coping Strategies:

Gain insights into managing stress and anxiety more effectively. This part of the workshop will equip you with tools to develop stronger coping mechanisms.

Enhancing Relationships:

Improve your personal and professional relationships through open feedback, understanding, and collaboration – all hallmarks of a growth mindset.

Key Takeaways:

  • This workshop is perfect for individuals seeking to transform their approach to challenges, enhance their learning capacity, and achieve meaningful success.
  • Whether you’re an assistant or hygienist aiming to excel in your career or a dentist striving for personal development, this workshop will provide you with the tools and insights to embrace a growth mindset and unlock your full potential.

“Aligning Smiles, Hearts and Minds” Mindfulness Masterclass

Centered and Calm: Cultivating Focus and Serenity in your Dental Office

How could stress reduction transform your team’s daily experience in the dental office?

Ready to empower your team with more skills through present-moment awareness and self-compassion to improve patient outcomes?

Investing in Your Teams Mental Health Creates Massive ROI

Investing in your team’s mental health is not just beneficial for the employees but also makes sound business sense. It leads to a healthier, more productive practice and can significantly impact your practice’s positive patient outcomes and protect against staff turnover.

Key Components:

Develop Present-Moment Awareness:

Participants will learn to cultivate mindfulness, focusing on the current moment to enhance awareness and presence in both professional and personal settings.

Cultivate Self-Compassion and Emotional Regulation:

The masterclass will guide attendees in developing self-compassion and strategies for effectively managing emotions, contributing to improved interactions and decision-making.

Improve Communication Skills:

Attendees will explore how mindfulness can enhance communication within the dental office, fostering better teamwork and patient relations.

Stress Management and Reduction:

The program focuses on teaching techniques for effectively responding to stressors, maintaining calm in challenging situations, and promoting overall mental well-being.

Integration of Mindfulness Practices:

Participants will receive practical guidance on integrating mindfulness techniques into their daily routines at work and home, enhancing their overall quality of life and professional satisfaction.

Key Takeaways:

  • Practical tools and strategies to develop and present moment awareness
  • Integration of Mindfulness principles into daily life leads to more emotional regulation which means less everyday stress
  • Enhanced team collaboration, heightened satisfaction among patients, and bolstered personal leadership skills.

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