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Our team has some incredible experience as fractional CMOs – marketing is one of our things. 

There’s no one who loves strategizing a killer marketing strategy more than we do. 

But, far too many businesses focus on crafting epic marketing campaigns without realizing they’re sitting right in front of some low-hanging fruit that could massively impact their bottom line.

They focus on bringing in more cold leads when they’ve got a TON of hot leads already in their ecosystem.  

While every business has its own type of low-hanging fruit, there are 5 common ways to increase sales without doing an ounce of external marketing. 

Here’s how…


Your current clients have friends and family that would most likely be a perfect fit for your business. A lead is WAY warmer when they are referred by someone they trust. Word of mouth marketing still packs a powerful punch and should be something you revisit often in your business. 

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Have you fully implemented a referral program for existing clients? 
  • Do you talk about your referral program regularly in person or via email?
  • Do you reward referrals generously?

This should be something you focus on as a true marketing initiative, not just an afterthought. It is one of the most effective ways to grow in today’s economy. 


Your current clients already trust you. Often, clients tiptoe their way into a buying relationship. However, if pleased with their initial purchase a current customer is not only more likely to make another purchase than a first-time buyer, but on average they spend significantly more. 

So, before you go creating another ad campaign to bring in new leads, ask yourself:

  • Have you reached out to current clients offering them an upsell that would make sense for them?
  • Who might be a good fit for your next level offer, and how can you make that offer in a genuine way? 
  • Do you have a client who comes in sporadically, that you can sell into a monthly offer? 
  • How about a monthly client you can upsell into a more comprehensive package?

Don’t go searching for a ton of new customers, when you haven’t tapped into your current customers. If you know you can better serve someone, don’t hesitate to make the upsell offer!

Email Marketing To Current and Past Clients

Email doesn’t have to be terrible. It can be fun AND profitable when done well. 

Why email marketing to CURRENT clients?

  • To stay top of mind for those that used to be customers, but haven’t been in to see you for a while. 
  • To sweeten the deal and get people back in the doors with a special or a discount. 
  • To provide some value in the form of helpful tips, important information, and stories of transformation so people remember why they love you so much!

Emailing existing/ past customers is simply continuing the relationship you’ve already built digitally. BUT…make sure you don’t’ get weird and spammy. Your emails need to be helpful or entertaining…or both!

Present New Offers to Old Clients

Whenever you’ve got a new initiative, program, product, or offer…try selling first to your existing clients, then…reach out to old clients…you know, the ones who broke up with you.  

If the break-up was amicable, perhaps this new offer will be the perfect way to bring them back into your world. 

OR…maybe the new offer isn’t ideal, but you reaching out reminds them what they are missing and they decide to get back together.

Either way – when you launch something new, be sure to reach out to old clients. 

*AND – if you don’t have an automated way to reach out to old clients on a regular basis (even if you have no new offers) ya’ better get on that stat.* 

Follow-Up With Leads Who Never Purchased

Yep, that’s right. It’s time to break out that list of leads who never decided to take you to the dance and FOLLOW-UP. 

Maybe the first time you met, the timing was off. 

Maybe they didn’t have the time, the money, or the need. 

But…now they do. 

Follow-up is something most businesses never do, which means they leave money on the table. This is some great low-hanging fruit to give you a little revenue boost without an ounce of external marketing. 

This is 100% something you can automate in a CRM, or set up a simple system to ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. 

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Listen – more than anything – I want to help you market the heck out of your business. BUT, the most effective marketing almost always starts on the inside. If you want more tips on how to maximize profits, streamline your systems, and scale your business online and off, I’d love to have you inside of my free Facebook group: The Full Pocket Entrepreneur! I go live weekly with valuable training to help you uplevel your current business without sacrificing every minute of your time and every penny in your bank account. 

Sound good? Join us here!


What if you could 2x, 3x, or 4x your income without bringing in a SINGLE new lead?

Ummm….you can. 

Unfortunately, most business owners spend so much time working on their external marketing that they don’t even think about the low-hanging fruit right in front of them!

Current and past clients. 

Before you put another marketing campaign out into the world – I want you to grab my free report below, to learn The 5 Simple Ways to Increase Sales WITHOUT External Marketing. 

If you put these 5 things into play, you will increase your profits, without having to dip into your marketing budget…which is a pretty sweet deal, right? 

Trust me – it’s worth the 5 minute read. 

In fact, I am willing to bet this little FREE report has a massive impact on your bottom line. 

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Headline: Increase sales without external marketing!

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What if you could maximize your profits without spending a dime on external marketing?

You can. 

I am going to show you 5 simple ways to grab some of the low-hanging fruit you’ve probably been neglecting in your business and turn that fruit into cash! 

No more ad campaigns until you put these 5 things in place…okay?


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